Strangers and I don’t mix very well… – Paris Day 5

Tackling the big one today, the Louvre. It’s an easy walk from the hotel (2 main roads), but yet again I go in the wrong direction. Metro to the rescue.
After hitting the best of the sculpture I concentrate on the 14th-17th century painting. I’ve taken quite a few years of Art History so was looking forward to seeing many works I learned about. The thing that struck me was just how large some of these were. You can learn all about the symbolism and artist behind a work, but a slide never prepares you for this.
The Mona Lisa was there, you may have heard of it. The devotion given to this in particular is confusing. I prefer Da Vinci’s St. John the Baptist

Many hours later I left for the tranquility of fine department stores. Been looking for a nice coat. Every other guy on the street is wearing something good and I just want to stop them and ask where they got it. But seeing as I can’t even properly order a meal, that’s not a good idea. I found 1 I liked, but 770 € was a little out of range. I also thought about buying a cat.