Air France Flight 374 – Paris Epilogue

I never did find that perfect coat.

Driving. Holy crap I don’t understand how there isn’t an accident at every intersection. People will make left turns cutting across two other lanes of traffic. Bikes and people fill in every other space. It’s nuts.

Everybody thinks Paris is such a romantic city. I don’t get it. They only think that because the women are beautiful and everyone is making out all the time.

Check out my completely random, totally sweet Paris 2K7 mixtape.

  1. Louis Louis Rap – Brendon Small
  2. Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse – Minus the Bear
  3. Whoo! Alright! Yeah… Uh Huh – The Rapture
  4. Road to Rouen – Supergrass
  5. All the Pretty Girls go to the City – Spoon
  6. Paris 2004 – Peter Bjorn and John
  7. Mad World – Gary Jules
  8. Louis XIV – Louis XIV
  9. Paris – MSTRKRFT
  10. Sensualité – Axelle Red
  11. French Disko – Editors
  12. Tout Doucement – Feist
  13. Parisian Dream – Laura Veirs
  14. Parlez-Vous Freezepop? – Freeze Pop
  15. All For You, Sophia – Franz Ferdinand
  16. J’ai Dormi Sous L’eau – Air
  17. Sink The Seine – Of Montreal
  18. Sleeping Lessons – The Shins
  19. Let’s Get Out Of This Country – Camera Obscura

Some chosen because I actually heard the song there, some are thematically appropriate or there’s backstory, others just because they have a frenchy name. Who wants a copy?

…like oil and vinegar, except not as delicious on salads – Paris Day 6

Still looking for a coat so all I do today is window shop. Find this store called Muji. I had been given slippers sometime ago from there. It’s like the Japanese IKEA, but smaller, like, um, the Japanese (I kid, I kid).

I walk and walk. Stop for lunch at my favorite Bagel sandwich place. They grill the bagels, they’re great. My only complaint is that whatever condiment your sandwich comes with (mayo, or cream cheese, etc.) usually ends up dripping through the holes, creating quite the mess.

Walked from here to here although not that path. Google maps doesn’t give the best directions. And don’t let it fool you, that doesn’t fell like 3.4 km.

Locals hang out around Sacre Coeur probably not so much for the view but for the gullible tourists it brings. Wanting a conversation I actually stop and respond. You might think 10 € is a lot for a braided thread wish bracelet gulugulu thing, but most people have to pay 20. So he says. Me, I get the special price because I’m “family,” being from Canada and all eh? ;)

Montmarte is pretty lame during the day but you get a clear look at all the sinful places to go at night. I make the mistake of walking past them all and being accosted by the purveyors at each and every one. iPod and “Non non non” get me through. Then I realized there was a better pedestrian thoroughfare that divided the boulevard.

Walking back (why?!) I followed some sort of demonstration march. Near as I could tell from the literature they handed me, which I did not take the time to translate, they were “Educators for a fair and ethical Don Quixote.” Yep

Strangers and I don’t mix very well… – Paris Day 5

Tackling the big one today, the Louvre. It’s an easy walk from the hotel (2 main roads), but yet again I go in the wrong direction. Metro to the rescue.
After hitting the best of the sculpture I concentrate on the 14th-17th century painting. I’ve taken quite a few years of Art History so was looking forward to seeing many works I learned about. The thing that struck me was just how large some of these were. You can learn all about the symbolism and artist behind a work, but a slide never prepares you for this.
The Mona Lisa was there, you may have heard of it. The devotion given to this in particular is confusing. I prefer Da Vinci’s St. John the Baptist

Many hours later I left for the tranquility of fine department stores. Been looking for a nice coat. Every other guy on the street is wearing something good and I just want to stop them and ask where they got it. But seeing as I can’t even properly order a meal, that’s not a good idea. I found 1 I liked, but 770 € was a little out of range. I also thought about buying a cat.

Argh, what part of “Do not disturb” do you not understand? – Paris Day 4

I guess I’m not supposed to sleep in. A little late in the day for the Louvre so I change my plans to the Orsay. It’s a manageable walk but then I end up over here. I decide it’s best to take a subway back to where I want to be. I pay for my ticket then realizing it’s Sunday and the train is free.

Musée d’Orsay is great. I think I preffered the sculpture to the paintings though.

Wandered around outside the Louvre then back to the hotel to relax. I should have bought a phrase book.