…like oil and vinegar, except not as delicious on salads – Paris Day 6

Still looking for a coat so all I do today is window shop. Find this store called Muji. I had been given slippers sometime ago from there. It’s like the Japanese IKEA, but smaller, like, um, the Japanese (I kid, I kid).

I walk and walk. Stop for lunch at my favorite Bagel sandwich place. They grill the bagels, they’re great. My only complaint is that whatever condiment your sandwich comes with (mayo, or cream cheese, etc.) usually ends up dripping through the holes, creating quite the mess.

Walked from here to here although not that path. Google maps doesn’t give the best directions. And don’t let it fool you, that doesn’t fell like 3.4 km.

Locals hang out around Sacre Coeur probably not so much for the view but for the gullible tourists it brings. Wanting a conversation I actually stop and respond. You might think 10 € is a lot for a braided thread wish bracelet gulugulu thing, but most people have to pay 20. So he says. Me, I get the special price because I’m “family,” being from Canada and all eh? ;)

Montmarte is pretty lame during the day but you get a clear look at all the sinful places to go at night. I make the mistake of walking past them all and being accosted by the purveyors at each and every one. iPod and “Non non non” get me through. Then I realized there was a better pedestrian thoroughfare that divided the boulevard.

Walking back (why?!) I followed some sort of demonstration march. Near as I could tell from the literature they handed me, which I did not take the time to translate, they were “Educators for a fair and ethical Don Quixote.” Yep