Even the strip club and porn stores are having soldes. (so say the signs outside)

Vincent took the train in. It’s great to see a familiar face and much easier getting around with someone who speaks French. The day went something like this:

Stop at The Bagel Corner to duck a heavy rain. Names in English I can actually handle. The hard part out of the way I also get un maxi cafe au lait.

Deux Guiness at Le Carpe Diem Cafe. Good music playing.

Meet a couple of Vincent’s friends at L’eau Peine Bar. Very chill.

We got food, uh, somewhere. The light in the bathroom turned off on me halfway through. Not sure what that was about.

Sightsee up Champs-Elysées to Arc De Triomphe. Unsure of how to get over to it as the largest roundabout ever stands in our way we make a dash across 12? lanes of traffic when the coast clears. Vincent gets what I believe to be a stern talking to from the Police. I play the stupid silent American.

Over to the Eiffel Tower of course.

Finish off the night at the Pop In, what I will refer to as Paris’ version of the Dance Cave. Great music. Super crowded. Change is somehow tossed my way and lands in our pitcher. I later use 2 of those euros to pay for the metro tickets back to the hotel.