Performance and Accessibility Review of the Bill de Blasio for President 2020 Website

This is one in a series of posts that will look at the performance and #a11y metrics of the websites for the currently declared 2020 Democratic presidential candidates. Yeah, all of them! For more background on what I’m doing and how I’m doing it check read this.

Homepage of

Google Lighthouse

Lighthouse scores for
These are the scores with storage cleared and only apply to the ActBlue splash page.
Lighthouse scores for a cached
Lighthouse scores for a cached version of

Performance: ? out of 100

Unfortunately, a fresh page load of the homepage here redirects to an offsite ActBlue donation page. It’s therefore impossible to measure the performance in the same way I’ve done for all the other candidates to date.

I’ll have to throw this out and measure the other scores based on a re-run of the test.

Accessibility: 84 out of 100

  • There is a skip to content link present, but it’s broken! The id it is supposed to link to isn’t present anywhere on the page.
  • Color contrast issues. If background images are not present, links and text are white on a white background.
  • User is unable to scale.

Best Practices: 93 out of 100

The homepage hero is twice the displayed resolution. A <picture> element to serve correctly sized images would be preferable here.

SEO: 100 out of 100

No issues found.


  • HTTPS: yes
  • 28 Requests
  • 1.4 MB resources
  • Largest asset is a 604 KB homepage hero jpg.


  • WordPress, a “wp-frns-pac” theme, custom build I believe.


The redirection on the homepage is both super annoying and problematic for these comparisons. As a visitor this is worse to me than embedding the form directly on the homepage or placing in a popup.

I can’t help but critique the design in parts. The use of color is all over the place. Green and blue logo. Yellow text and buttons. A red favicon. It all seems hastily put together, and as a result there really isn’t much going on in the code to critique or review.

The yellow text over hero image is especially hard to read and these icons straight up suck.

Unreadable social icons floating over an image