Performance and A11Y Audit of the Cory Booker 2020 Website

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Lighthouse scores for

Performance: 76 out of 100

There are a number of CSS files and jQuery javascript plugins that are blocking the initial render until they are all downloaded. Bundling these together and removing unused code could improve this score.

Accessibility: 90 out of 100

  • Default browser focus outlines appear for all buttons and links, tab order is logical.
  • This is bad HTML:
<a href="" rel="noopener">
    <button class="booker-button booker-button__shop">
        Gear up
  • Video play buttons aren’t labeled.

Best Practices: 86 out of 100

There is a vulnerability in the jQuery library used, jQuery@1.12.4. This is a common problem found in the WordPress platform. Updating the theme to use a more modern version, or hey no jQuery at all, would be an improvement.

SEO: 82 out of 100

The site is getting dinged in the SEO score for not having a meta description, yet I see it in the source. It may be that this is being rendered client-side.

The document has conflicting canonical URLs.


  • HTTPS: yes
  • 43 Requests
  • 2.4 MB resources
  • Largest asset is an shop-desktop.webp (yay!) but at 362 KB I suspect some bad encoding needs to be fixed. It does not render in a new tab in Chrome.


  • WordPress, custom theme Bookerstrap (hah!)