iOS6 Camera Demo

Screenshots from a demo app that uses the in-browser camera access available in iOS6.

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Designers/Developers, Stop Doing This:

“A lot of people are tweeting about Moonrise Kingdom, when’s that coming out?”

*opens nearest device*

*enters in address bar*

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An Introduction to CSS3

Last month I gave this training presentation to the Interactive team at work. While many of the concepts discussed may be nothing new to some of you it was intended to get everyone, including back-end devs and designers, on the same page as to what our capabilities are.

The clients in my particular industry tend to still be very conservative so the discussion of how to handle older versions of Internet Explorer comes up routinely. I mainly ignore IE in this slide deck because, let’s face it, it just isn’t going to handle many of these CSS3 properties without additional workarounds. I touch upon that a little, but the subtext is to always strive for progressive enhancement and graceful degradation.

Hopefully others will find this useful in some capacity. If you do use it for training others, learn something new or have a suggestion I’d love to hear it, so please leave a comment.

An Introduction to CSS3

2011 Portfolio Wrap-Up

Developer on Gecko Imaging:

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New Year, New Site

After much deliberation I chose the Ari WordPress theme to fill in for a complete redesign of the site for the new year. Nice and responsive, minimal layout, still screams “WordPress site” but what are you going to do?

Some of the older posts won’t be displayed perfectly due to the old size of thumbnails and I’m okay with that. Time to move forward.