This is not a music blog. There are plenty of those and they do a far better job than I; but that being said, I DO listen to a lot of music, and sometimes I like to share.

What is it about the Scandinavian countries that has produced some of my absolute favorite bands, particularly Sweden and Norway? With Kings of Convenience, The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Jens Lekman, etc., half my iTunes is probably populated by them.

Earlier this year I was excited to see that Erlend Øye’s (he of Kings of Convenience) other band The Whitest Boy Alive had a new disc out and were touring. Opening up for them are Erlend’s new protégés in The New Wine. Great stuff from these kids, the five songs they’ve released so far have been on constant repeat for the last month. There’s a lot of room to grow certainly, especially in the lyrics, but the music is that perfect blend of indie-y rock/dance-y that I always like. This classification probably means nothing to anyone but me.

The New Wine – Revolving Cylinder
[audio:|titles=The New Wine – Revolving Cylinder]

Sadly it’s been years since Øye in any form has been anywhere near the Midwest on tour, so for now I watch shaky hand held videos from the recent European dates on YouTube and wait. So jealous. It’s enough to make me want to buy a plane ticket and just head over there. Hmm…

Grab four songs for free from The New Wine at the band’s website.

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