Domain Speculation: Case Study #1

Dear Sir or Madam,

I recently had a great idea for a mini site, but when I arrived home to register the domain I see you had already beaten me to it by a month. Well played. Through an intermediary I pursued, inquiring if you might be open to selling. I offered a small but reasonable price, inline with third-party appraisals. It would have netted you a nice profit for an obscure two word phrase that has no history.

Your counter offer asking price of $750 is ridiculous. Thank you, but no; you can keep it.

If you ever do something with it I’ll let go of my disdain for you, but I suspect it will forever be parked for free.

The Dam of Knowledge

Anyone have any good luck purchasing domains or getting those on back order? Seems like a nice little scam for the registrars. If my opinion ever changes I’ll let you know.