Myspace’s liberal allowance of CSS and HTML is great for the budding web designer in us all. Hell, clearly I’ve indulged a bit; but some profiles can be a bit hard to read. What’s a person to do if they really want to read about you but find bleeding from the eyes to be slightly counterproductive?

If you’re using firefox get the web developer extension and you’re just a CTRL SHIFT S away from sweet, sweet unstyled text.

Maybe this is a bit of overkill for normal users, but much faster than clicking view>page style>no style.

Unfortunately this won’t save you from the 90 blinking gifs and auto starting videos. Hey, you take the good with the bad.

If the acronyms “CSS” and “HTML” mean nothing to you, or you’re wondering what kind of an animal a firefox is, then you shouldn’t have just read this entry.

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