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It will replace us all

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We Are Not the Infadels
By Infadels
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if Swedes could make a better e-learning course for me I wouldn’t be here

Good idea Joel. Go to IKEA on a Saturday before school starts. But I’ve never made it out of there faster than I did this day, in a record-breaking 6 hours 28 minutes.

It’s Labor Day therefore I must labor…

career advice pt. II

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Penny Arcade Volume 4: Birds Are Weird (Penny Arcade)
By Jerry Holkins
Release date: 06 June, 2007

this is entrapment!

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Planet of Ice
By Minus the Bear
Release date: 21 August, 2007

Wii and Mii

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Went on crazy adventure for a Wii this morning with ThesePeople’s Matt. We both got one but not before having to bludgeon an elderly couple and their assumed granddaughter for a spot in line. It was a mad house…

My Wii code:
1774 0788 0221 8865

Add yours in the comments if you’d like.