Thoughts on Accessibility (a11y)

I’ve been thinking a lot on the subject of accessibility in my work lately. I’ve always had an awareness of some of the best practices to follow in my side projects, but rarely was it given priority by my employers. Today I find I have a real chance to make a difference and I’m moving ahead making little improvements to this huge unnamed travel dot com I work for. It’s not sexy. It might not easily translate to $X in more revenue. It’s just the right thing to do, and as a developer it’s my responsibility to leave this technology better than I found it.

Great article when it was written and always good to revisit and pass on to managers, UX, and other stakeholders:
Reframing Accessibility for the Web

Timely article published today as I’ve been thinking about the subject a lot lately. The ADA at 25. Could easily take every use of the word “building” in that article and replace with “website” and you’d have a good idea of why and how we should be thinking of building the web for all.