Designers/Developers, Stop Doing This:

“A lot of people are tweeting about Moonrise Kingdom, when’s that coming out?”

*opens nearest device*

*enters in address bar*

“Ah, an entire Flash site for a movie, of course. Maybe it’s bad user agent detection. Surely the “mobile” version will have the information I’m looking for.”

*opens second closest screen*

“You’re kidding me right? Not a single piece of fallback content? No redirection to your app, no “Like us on Facebook” message?!”

*visits Focus Features for more information*

“Oh, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, how timely.”

Compare that to the current site with Flash enabled:

Somewhere there is a team of marketing people, and managers, and art directors, and one or more developers whose job it is to make these site updates. How does no one through the entire process say “shouldn’t we also come up with a method for keeping non-Flash content up to date with the rest of the site?” And how, 5 years after the release of the iPhone, does someone get away with making a full Flash site for a major motion picture, without any hint of alternate content? Someone got paid for that. *slow clap*