I’m pleased to show off my latest development project, the site for t-shirt brand I Miss You, Inc.

The programming process has been an intense month of work but the results are worth it. The open source content management system Drupal runs the backend with the addition of the Ubercart module running the storefront.

There have been challenges at every turn, primarily bending Drupal and it’s multitude of modules to my will. The design provided by the great and talented Andrew Smith is different than anything we’ve ever worked on together, so every little piece of the site required customization. Not sure what it was about the CSS on this site in particular but I ran into more ridiculous IE7 bugs than I ever have before.

T-shirt storefront includes:

  • Full Drupal Customization
  • E-commerce Storefront
  • Blog and Community Forums
  • Mailing List

View Live Site

One other piece of the project was streaming the launch party live on ustream.tv. Andrew handled the camera duties and I monitored Firefox to make sure it didn’t crash. I can’t say enough good things about ustream. A very easy setup process and straightforward tools helped everything go off smoothly, even though we were cutting it close and had little time for a dry run. The built-in chat was great for getting feedback and joking with the viewers (someone even from Brazil). I’ll definitely be using it for events in the future.