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Tim’s Idea

Since moving to Chicago last year my opportunities to continue to be in ThesePeople sketches have sadly been fewer, but our latest video just came out and it features a little cameo by yours truly.

I probably say this about every video of ours, but this is a fun one, enjoy!

Tim’s Idea
Tim has a great idea for a new sketch.

ThesePeople v2 Launched

Launched the brand new version of the ThesePeople website to coincide with our 75th sketch. There were quite a lot of goals to accomplish with this new version over the last including:

  • Sketches, right up front played in the great JW Player! It’s a video sketch troupe, featured videos need to be right front and center when you come in
  • Video comments from users. We weren’t setting out to recreate the functionality of YouTube or anything but getting feedback from viewers was important
  • Photos galleries using SlideShowPro to better show off the pretty faces and behind-the-scenes antics
  • Clear and concise merchandise ordering pages, accessible right in the sidebar

ThesePeopleDesign & development of a website for Detroit, Michigan based comedy troupe ThesePeople, includes:

  • PHP & MySQL Backend
  • Flash Video
  • Closed Captioning for accessibility
  • iPhone & Android compatible video player

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At this special time of year…

For a hot, sexy fling press 1

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OMG it’s cheesy as hell

Why else would we buy a dummy off eBay if not for a sketch?