Matt Cassatta’s Portfolio Launched

Everybody needs a website. Everybody, even best friends/copywriters.

When you have a particular skill set you will find yourself using those skills over and over for friends and family, for free. Such was the case when my buddy Matt decided to get on the Internet and showcase his advertising work.

To keep things ultra simple I went with a one page layout with a dash of jQuery thrown in for some smooth scrolling between the sections. JW Player provides the playback controls for all the multimedia, keeping updates simple to the XML. I think the single page layout is really straightforward and effective for a résumé-type site and it lets his personality shine through.

Simple portfolio site includes:

  • Design
  • jQuery Animation
  • Flash Video Playlists

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ThesePeople v2 Launched

Launched the brand new version of the ThesePeople website to coincide with our 75th sketch. There were quite a lot of goals to accomplish with this new version over the last including:

  • Sketches, right up front played in the great JW Player! It’s a video sketch troupe, featured videos need to be right front and center when you come in
  • Video comments from users. We weren’t setting out to recreate the functionality of YouTube or anything but getting feedback from viewers was important
  • Photos galleries using SlideShowPro to better show off the pretty faces and behind-the-scenes antics
  • Clear and concise merchandise ordering pages, accessible right in the sidebar

ThesePeopleDesign & development of a website for Detroit, Michigan based comedy troupe ThesePeople, includes:

  • PHP & MySQL Backend
  • Flash Video
  • Closed Captioning for accessibility
  • iPhone & Android compatible video player

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