Spudnik Press Launched

Spudnik PressThis studio website was badly in need of a redesign so I volunteered to help redo it. I kept the unique color scheme they already had and gave the entire site a better sense of organization. It was most important that Angee the Director of the studio be able to update the entire site herself so the backend was built on top of WordPress. Though I’d done WordPress customzation on sites before this really gave me a lot more understanding of the way everything worked allowing for far more customization than I’d ever achieved before.

Redesign & development of a website for Chicago, Illinois co-op print studio, includes:

  • Complete WordPress theme and CMS

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“bending minds since [1981]”

I just completed the redesign of the Ann Arbor Film Festival web site. Check it out at aafilmfest.org. I can not take credit for the logo. And here’s what it used to look like (as of feb 21).

Design and development includes:

  • WordPress theme customization

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Release date: 22 June, 2006

Campaign Website, A Learning Experience

After a couple years of trial by fire at the 9-to-5 this was one of my earliest complete freelance projects from beginning to end. The design was fairly traditional for the time but for a political campaign it was polished and professional.

Campaign website (no longer online) includes:

  • Custom design
  • HTML/CSS development
  • Mailing list