AS3 – Image Viewer Demo

This was an experiment for potential use in e-Learning courses. So often I’m tasked with fitting a full resolution screen shot into a tiny box and still have the text readable by a user, something that would otherwise be impossible without a zoom (1024×768 images with 12px text aren’t very crisp when you shrink them down to 400×300). New ideas are scary to clients though, so this little Flash piece hasn’t graduated to a full production course yet.

A pie type of loader was thrown in for good measure.

Flash Image Viewer Demo

  • ActionScript 3

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The source for this can be downloaded for your own use here.

Contest Winner

They didn’t make a big deal of it on their site or anything, much to my chagrin, but I recently won a tiny contest over at Coudal Partners. Basically it was a “send us your creative photo booth pictures.”

Here was my entry and here was the little blurb in their recent newsletter.

My guess is they didn’t really have many entries, but I’ll take the prizes just the same.

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